E-commerce shopping cart

An e-commerce website will take your business to another level. Other than showcasing your products, you will be able to sell them online, using online payment like Paypal or Stripe, organise shipping, getting reviews and testimonials from your clients, keeping count of stock and bookkeeping.

Online shopping
Sell your digital or physical goods online.
Sell your events
Concert? Quiz night? Gym session? Take your booking straight away.
Sell subscriptions
From newspapers to any service, let the website do it.
Don’t own any goods? Sell your suppliers goods and let the internet work for you.
Digital goods
Music, videos, files, they can be delivered straight to your customers.
Affiliate retail
Affiliate is another good way to make money from the comfort of your office.

With an e-commerce website you will enable your business to sell physical or digital goods on the web. It will feature:
• unlimited products, with variables (colours, sizes, etc);
• inventory management;
• online invoicing;
• payment gateways to receive immediate payments from your customers;
• shipping methods;
• different currencies and languages, because differently from a brick and mortar retails, your goods could be sold to the widest audience around the world;
• reviews from happy customers
and many more features, depending on the platform and of course the goods for sale.

Pronto Design will setup the website and make it ready to add your products, and will offer free 2 hour training on how to populate your e-commerce website, but can also help to set up the products and goods for an hourly fee (to be discussed).

Open your business to the world, go the e-commerce way.

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