Catalogue websites

A catalogue website will be built to specifically showcase your products or services which don’t require immediate payment. A few examples of a catalogue may be:

Estate agents can advertise land, home and properties.
Car dealers can show details of latest vehicles for sale.
• Job search
For recruiting agencies for easily advertised jobs.
• Food industry
Food and drinks retailers can benefit from showing their goods.
• Clothing
From shoes to accessories.
• Photo albums
Take your photo collection to the next level and show your artwork to the world.

A catalogue website can benefit any business which only needs to show their goods or services and so introduce them to the clients. The main features will be unlimited product listing, categories and variations, a very useful search function and best of all a “Call To Action”. It is ideal for traders and retailers who will finalise the sale over the phone or by any other means and so won’t require a proper order started on the website. Pronto Design offers some basic training on how to populate your catalogue but can also help to set up the products and goods for an hourly fee (to be discussed).

If you are thinking about selling physical or digital goods online and taking orders directly from the web, then your best deal would be to have a full blown e-commerce website which will process orders, take payments and keep logs of any sale.

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